Psychic Saturday Holistic Fest Originally Scheduled for 21 March 2020 Has Been Postponed to June. Specific Date TBA in Late March

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Psychic Saturday Flyer


$15 per 15-minute session

15 & 30 minutes sessions available

(All sessions 15 minutes, unless noted as 30-minutes)

Health-Improving Devices:
BEMER - Improve Physical Health
TotalZap - Rife & Clark Frequencies to Address Physical Needs

Healer Services:
Michael Candelaresi - Multi-Modal energy healer
Brian Eastman - LIIFT Emotional Healing
Joanne Miller - Pranic Healer
Suzanne Whitrock - Pranic Healer
Carol Gailey - Healing with Sound
Lynn Sullivan - Quantum Touch Healer (30-minute sessions)
Chuck Reynolds - Multi-Dimensional Energy Healer, and Oneness Blessing Giver (30-minute sessions)
Breka Burton - IET Energy Healings
Norma Swanson - Reiki & Quantum Touch Healing (30-minute sessions)
Jeff Poe - Intuitive/Energy Healing, or (30-minute) Hypnosis Sessions
CSL Healing Group - Multiple Healing Formats
CSL Prayer Group - Healing Meditations
Jackie Millay - Quantum Touch, Reiki, EFT, Mediumship/Intuitive Messages
Josh Bickers - Psychic Healing, Personal Healing Consults,
Chakra Healing Sessions, or (30 Minute) Whole Body Healing Sessions with Chakras

Astrological & Psychic Guidance:
Claire Miriam - Astrological Consultation with Psychic Guidance (30-minute sessions)

Psychic Readers/Consultants:
Peggy Barker - Spiritual Readings/Medium
Ellen Parker - Tarot
Ann Richer - Tarot
Julie Lowenstine - Psychic Medium
Ariel - Psychic Consultant
Kristine Jenssen - Perceptive Awareness Intuitive Consulting
Frieda Hughes - Intuitive Consulting
Chel - Intuitive Guidance